When it comes to replacing lamp shades, no one beats our quality or craftsmanship for our full-line of American Made lampshades. But now, every Interior Designer and Home Decorator will be offered our high-quality lampshades at a significant Designer Discounts!

Yes, Jack of All Shades caters to every homeowner’s needs. We provide unsurpassed customer care and attention to every one of our customer’s home remodeling and office project. We service Interior Designers and Home Decorators from multiple disciplines and backgrounds across the nation. Now they can continue to enjoy all these benefits, plus every lamp shade item at a discount.

In 2018, professional Interior Designers and Home Decorators are no longer limited to only in-stock inventory from major retailers such as Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, or Target. With Jack of All Shades, the public has access to our distribution center for custom (made to order) lampshades through our online website:

Any sized hardback shade. Any color hardback shade.

Right from the factory! With a Discount!

Buying one shade? Get a discount!

Buying 5 shades? Get a Bigger discount!

Buying 25 shades? Get wholesale pricing!

Three reasons why our customers keep coming back to buy from

1) Order a lamp shade in the exact size, shape, and color that you need.

2) Support the Albertville community in Alabama by buying American made lampshades, built by hard-working Americans.

3) Save money and receive significant discounts on all lamp shade orders for your home and office.

Updating your lamp shades is a cost-effective way to improve the aesthetic of a room or living space. Customers can easily replace existing lampshades and get the size, color, and shape that they are looking for.  No longer are the 10 or 12 sizes showing up on the big box store shelves your only option.

Currently, buying a lamp shade from a major retailer means that customers must accept whatever size, shape, and color they offer on their shelves. Normally, these small selections of off-the-shelf products will be manufactured in China with questionable quality.

It’s easy to now match any piece of furniture, drapery, carpet, or wall with the perfect lampshade. If you have material you can send it to us and we can make your lamp shade to fit your needs. To start a custom order, just visit us 24/7 at and start by choosing your lampshade shape.


When it comes to custom lamp shades for regular Homeowners, they too can purchase their custom orders from, in any color, size, and shape that they want.

Our customers feel good that they purchased from an American company, supporting the great community in Albertville. Plus, at Jack of All Shades, we have round custom lamp shades, oval custom lamp shades, square custom lamp shades, rectangle custom lampshades, pendant custom lampshades and many other shapes and sizes available. Our lampshades range from 4 inches for chandelier lamp shades up to oversized lamp shades that are 5 and 6 feet in diameter; they are also offered in every size in between.

Jack of All Shades also has over 120 colors and materials available at our distribution center, but more importantly (from the perspective of an Interior Designer and Home Decorator) the customer can also send in their own material to make a customized lamp shade that matches a room’s exact décor. This is what makes Jack of All Shades the best place for customers to who need new lamp shades. And our retail store is conveniently located across the nation at

Selling to every American homeowner coast-to-coast; everywhere from New York to California, Florida, and Texas is part of our mission. We ship our lampshades out of our Albertville, Alabama headquarters.

Be sure to enter our new Discount Coupon to save 15% on all your lamp shade purchases. Just enter at checkout: “JACK-PR-201801”

Ordering in higher quantities? Give us a call and it’s possible that your discount is even higher!

In addition to our custom manufacturing facility, Jack of All Shades also stocks an inventory of Glass lampshades, High-Quality Silk (Soft Backed) lampshades as well as the ability to repair existing Silk (Soft Backed) lampshades.


Jack of All Shades, LLC is family owned and operated American company based in Albertville, Alabama. We began making lampshades over 30+ years ago and many of our employees have been here since the beginning.  We proudly craft each Custom lampshade to your specification. For more information, contact: or call us at 866-231-JACK (5225).


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