Watch Out! Home And Office Dust Contains Dangerous Substances

Watch Out! Home And Office Dust Contains Dangerous Substances

Hazardous materials, such as dioxin bromide and organic zinc, are sometimes found in dust in homes and offices, as some Japanese researchers say.

Although it remains unclear what impact dust contains on such materials on human health, researchers predict that babies are more likely to get dioxin bromide from dust than food.

The material may be caused by flame deterrents, which are used on computers and other household appliances, so it is necessary to clean the dust regularly to prevent dust from accumulating and crusting.

In addition, the researchers found that of 19 samples of dust from households and 14 examples from the office, detected harmful substances in all of them. However, it would still be re-examined to find out how it would affect human bodies long period of time.

Therefore the need for awareness of the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of homes and offices, by cleaning the dust attached to the sidelines of the room, or the gaps usually dusty, can with a rag or vacuum cleaner.jika still doubt with the results we do, you can try to use the home cleaning companies service to see the difference in hygiene outcome. So we know how to clean our home or office properly.

Because health is very important to our lives and the survival of our family businesses and businesses, better to prevent than to cure.

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